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Why What3Words is a Disaster.Disaster.Disaster

WHAT3WORDS CONFUSION NOT SUITABLE FOR EMERGENCY RESPONSE Read any manual or ask anyone involved in emergency communications and they will tell you that there is one over-riding principal and that is to keep communications short and to the point. Yet, in recent weeks we have started to hear from some associated with the Eircode letterbox

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Why does Minister Denis Naughten TD support Eircode?

Minister Denis Naughten is only in office one month & eleven days but the senior DCENR staffers appear to have convinced him that useless random Eircode is a great idea. This is despite the fact that after a spend of at least €38 million (€20 million over budget) a recent poll showed approximately 80% of people either don’t

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Will DOB’s Lucy Gaffney get to head RTE thanks to Eircode?

Folks we couldn’t figure out why Independent Newspapers, Newstalk & Today FM were giving Minister Alex White TD such an easy ride on the Eircode fiasco. We thought that perhaps it was just too technical for their journalists & presenters to understand. Then we found out that word had come from on high to hacks in the Indo that they

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