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Ambulances ‘losing critical time’ by lack of sat nav equipment

Critical time is being lost by ambulances travelling to accidents and other emergencies because they are not fitted with sat nav equipment, the Sunday Independent has learned. Paramedics are now using Google Maps on their personal mobile phones due to the lack of an on-board navigation system. And National Ambulance Service personnel are even forced

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The Great #Eircode Robbery

I met the postman on the street this morning on his round delivering the mail and I asked him a question. ‘Are there many people using Eircode?’ ‘Very few. We don’t use it unless somebody posts a letter with just the Eircode and no accurate address, then we would have to look it up on

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An Post confirms staff ignore Eircode in deliveries

An Post has confirmed that its staff does not use Eircode when delivering letters and parcels door to door, writes Joe Leogue of the Irish Examiner. The clarification comes following criticism from Fianna Fáil Communications Spokesperson Timmy Dooley, who said he received a complaint from a person who had a confidential letter delivered incorrectly to

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An Post confirms staff do not use Eircode system for local deliveries

Simply inconceivable that company does not use codes for mail, says Fianna Fáil’s Dooley From the Irish Times An Post has confirmed its local delivery staff do not use the State’s new Eircode system developed at a cost of €38 million. This is despite the fact that An Post franks letters with a reminder to

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Eircode owner, UK multinational Capita PLC, is being lined up to collect the TV Licence

It takes a particular kind of political stupidity to be responsible for An Post, recognise that it is barely a viable commercial entity, contribute to discussions on how offices can be kept open and at the same time make plans to take away a very large State contract! Naughten is poorly advised by Departmental Officials

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Was the 24 hour Eircode website outage a DDOS attack?

Has our national postcode just recovered from a day long Denial Of Service attack or is there another reason has been down for the best part of 24 hours. Remember the National Ambulance Service has pledged full support to this fragile database driven postcode and it is only a matter of time before the

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Eircode, the ONLY Postcode In The World IGNORED By The Postal Service

Eircode Postcode Design & Related Justification By Designer Are Technically & Legally Unsound

Yesterday, Pat Donnelly of Autoaddress, a company which is part of the Capita consortium that designed and delivered Eircode, wrote in a blog post that it was not possible to have included useful localities in the Eircode design. Eircode has no localities and this is contrary to the legal requirement for a National postcode as

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In response to Autoaddress Blog “What has Eircode ever done for us?”