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Why the proposed new National postcode will make Ireland’s property addressing system worse rather than better! (Gary E. Delaney MSc NT, FRIN, FIS, Lt NS Ret’d) Originally posted 27th July 2014 After more than a decade of promises and missed deadlines, we are told now that we will have a new National postcode sometime during

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Eircode Feedback Loop

Need to know who the winners and the winners are of the latest civil service scandal? Well look no further than this post. We show who won the tender, who lost (won) the tender and who mysteriously withdrew from the tender only to win a major contract from the tender winners.  We show why unions

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Postcode tender shenanigans…

A quick recap on the Eircode tender to date… Minister Noel Dempsey declares we are getting postcodes. An Post announce they neither need nor want postcodes. An Post unions announce they are against postcodes too. An Post and their unions are added to postcode working group / postcode working board. Postcode working group / board finalise 9

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