“White Lie Busting for Dummies”

Alex White and the DCENR have been lying consistently on one point in particular, the red herring and completely made up  “Sequential Postcode Problem”.

Today in particular the DCENR told RTEs  Sean O’Rourke that if a “sequential” code such as Loc8 code was used, then every time a new building is built between 2 existing buildings the existing codes will have to change. In fact “thousands of postcodes will have to change” according to DCENR scaremongering.

There is only one word for this…BULLSHIT.

Either the DCENR are repeating this lie because they are bloody thick and don’t understand geo based postcodes or they know that the general public have little technical knowledge of, or interest in, postcodes and won’t take any critical notice of their constant lies.  Perhaps they have told the lie so bloody often they believe it themselves.

So lets bust the “Sequential Postcode Problem”.

Geo based codes such as Gary Delaney’s Loc8 Codes are based on a Latitude/Longitude, the grid based navigation system used by mariners & cartographers for centuries.  Every different location on earth has its own DIFFERENT Latitude and Longitude, most people would be familiar with this nowadays as a GPS position. A GPS simply uses a radio signal from satellites in space to work out a very accurate existing position on the ground.  Loc8 code simply takes this highly accurate Latitude/Longitude and using a simple (two way) algorithm, turns it into an 8 character code in the format NT4-82-V23.  Loc8 codes are shorter & easier to communicate that Latitude/Longitude.

The usable public accuracy of GPS is about 10 metres so this means that there is no need for a public postcode to have any more accuracy than the Satnav used to find it.  As a navigation professional Gary Delaney understood this when he designed Loc8 code and therefore every different location in Ireland has it’s own Loc8 code. Think of the island of Ireland TOTALLY covered in roughly half a billion 10 square metre tiles (each with a unique code), and you get the picture.  The thing is that EVERY LOCATION IN IRELAND ALREADY HAS A LOC8 CODE. If someone decides to build a bloody house on a parcel of land, the house just adopts the Loc8 code the land had before there was a house….demolish the house and the site still has the same Loc8 code…it never changes…EVER!!!

Unlike Eircode, adjacent Loc8 codes will “LOOK” adjacent with a visual familiarity. This means the general public and more importantly the emergency services and delivery drivers can learn locations and will know they are close to one Loc8 code due to its familiarity to another. Eircodes stupid random structure, (which is designed to facilitate billing for apartments) does not allow for any familiarity, you ALWAYS need a computer to look an Eircode.

But getting back to our “White Lie Busting for Dummies” if House A is in one location it will have its own Loc8 code. House B is in a different close-by location, so it will already have a different Latitude/Longitude derived Loc8 code. Now if somebody decides to build a new house in between House A and House B it will be (surprisingly for Alex White and the DCENR) in a DIFFERENT  bloody location with a DIFFERENT bloody Latitude/Longitude and therefore a DIFFERENT bloody Loc8 code. Just because there is now a new house in between House A and House B doesn’t mean that these houses have moved therefore their EXISTING Loc8 codes STAY THE BLOODY SAME.

So there you have it, Alex White & DCENR are either liars or gobshites you decide.

At Get Lost Eircodes we think Alex White is just THICK and a lapdog for the lying officials in the DCENR!!!

What do you think Eunan? 



Loc8 V Eircode

2 comments on ““White Lie Busting for Dummies””

  1. David lees Reply

    Why do they not use gps .We travel to caravan sites all over Europe. All easy to find and all unique.. In any country. .These people including the TDS MUST BE THICK OR CORRUPT

    • Get Lost Eircodes Reply

      GPS while accurate are long and cumbersome and easily confused by the untrained.

      Degrees minutes & seconds or degrees and decimal minutes or decimal degrees??? North south east or west or plus minus.

      Loc8 codes solves the confusion for the ordinary person on the street, uses a lat/long (GPS) position but makes it easy to communicate and use.

      Also GPS positions can be very long indeed 13 digits

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