Why Eircode is NOT a postcode!

1. It does not conform with the definition of a postcode as defined by the Universal Postal Union (UPU)
2. It does not conform with the definition of an Irish National Postcode as defined in the 2011/15 Postal Act
3. It cannot be used by An Post as it cannot be used by postmen/women for manual sorting in Delivery Offices or for routine delivery along routes.
4. The Routing key part of the code is not used by An Post
5. It does not fulfil the recommendations of the National Postcode Working Group 2005
6. It does not fulfil the recommendations of the National Postcode Board 2006
7. It Does not fulfil the recommendations of the contracted national postcode consultants 2010
8. It does not satisfy the specifications of the National Postcode Tender 2011
9. It does not satisfy the requirements of the National Postcode as explained by the Department of Communications to the Public Accounts Committee 2014
10. It does not visually indicate useful localities as the routing keys are random, too large and not geographical defined
11. It is not supported by SatNav manufacturers who support other useful postcodes across the world.
12. It was never tested or piloted in a small geographic area before full roll-out as is the international norm for a new postcode.
13. It does not allocate a workable postcode to locations that do not receive mail like other postcodes do.
14. Those behind it suggest that it needs other coding systems added to be useful for delivery companies
15. It must be used in addition to the Dublin Postal codes and an An Post postal address which together constitute An Post’s true and pre-existing operational postcode
16. It needs a full postal address & access to multiple address aliases in order to attempt validation
17. It cannot be learned, iterated or interpreted by citizens and visitors for use in basic ways without technology or access to a commercial database.


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  1. Mike Griffin Reply

    Check out the following codes: V93 C3D2, V93 D2C3 and V93 D3C2, and then imagine you’re an emergency operator dealing with a panic stricken person seeking help.

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