Eircode – Cheerleader’s favours are repaid!!!

Almost 3 months after launch and Eircode is not being used by An Post, not being used by Google, not being used by satnavs, not being used by the general public and not even being used by cheerleaders such as Nightline couriers.

We always found it unusual that a successful entrepreneur would support a Labour minister but two weeks ago Minister White returned the favour to John Touhy by opening Nightline’s new parcel sorting depot dedicated to their Parcel Motel service.  You might recall that John Touhy was the man who was afforded quick & unimpeded access by Alex White & the DCENR to the Oireachtas Committee on Transport & Communications right after the Freight Transport Association of Ireland dropped the the bombshell that they considered Eircode to be USELESS.  So John Touhy,  who was the sole representative of the courier industry in ireland that was in favour of Eircode, has opened a new parcel distribution depot dedicated to NOT delivering to Eircodes but to roadside garages.

Like we said Minister White returned the cheerleading favour to John Touhy by opening Nightline’s new “not for delivering to Eircodes” depot.

It is sooooo easy to be in favour of Eircode when you don’t and won’t use them.

Have a read of their press release below, see if you can spot if Eircode gets mentioned even once (it wasn’t at the time of typing this post).




2 comments on “Eircode – Cheerleader’s favours are repaid!!!”

  1. J Mulcahy Reply

    Gary,It looks like there are going to keep this quiet until after the election. If you think of it this way: I take one address, pin point it on an OS map and apply a random code to it and charge the tax payer 12 euro. , 2.2million times. I could have done this without the geo directory. You could even do it cheaper if you had to drive to every goddam building in the country. I know this is a little simplistic and the system needs a little management, but hat the hell is the OS office for?
    As for not having a lat. long. based system, this is the future, what a missed oppertunity – remember Mr. Whyte doesn’t know the difference between his Mbit and his Mbytes and he is the minister for communication.
    Keep up the good fight. Rabbite & Whyte will be exposed as the snakes in the grass that they are.

    • Get Lost Eircodes Reply

      Thanks for the encouragement but for the record this site is not run, nor has it anything to do with Gary Delaney. We do admire his postcode solution and believe he was treated appallingly

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