Why Google CANNOT legally use Eircode

Why No Google Support for Eircode?

It is almost 17 months since those behind Eircode claimed impending Google Maps support for the postcode in an Oireachtas hearing. Former Minister Alex White again claimed Google support “within weeks” in January 2016 but it has never happened.

Why have Google & SatNav manufacturers not supported Eircode?

Aside from the fact that Eircode has many design limitations which mean it is not in demand, Google & others simply cannot implement Eircode because Irish postcode legislation prevents them from doing so. Under the legislation, associating personalised data with Eircode in a public database without the consent of the person concerned, would not be “legitimate postcode activity”. As Google presents personalised data in the form of property related imagery (and more), it simply cannot add Eircode under the law! If it did, the combination of Eircode and its imagery could even tell the world what car(s) or waste management preferences you have, or even whether you were against water charges or not. All of this personalised data can easily be associated with your name, sex and age using the same Eircode link in the readily accessible Register of Electors. This would leave you even more open to direct marketing and junk mail than ever before. As well as that, since Eircode is being promoted for insurance and credit histories, it does not take much imagination to understand how Eircode on Google maps with its imagery could seriously compromise your financial privacy.

This is why the postcode legislation precludes Google and others in the mapping and navigation industries from supporting Eircode.

The only way to change this would be to amend the legislation!

Would you be in favour of the new Government enacting such amendments?

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3 comments on “Why Google CANNOT legally use Eircode”

  1. Samuel Johnson Reply

    The Information Commissioner has already raised objections to Eircode’s implications for privacy. If Google were to incorporate Eircode into Google maps it would surely be an action that would result in complaints to the EU, which has a few fish to fry with Google already.

  2. Dr. Omer Mir Reply

    This is Dumb coming from a European Nation. All European Countries have a post code system allegedly. Citizens there do not see to mind.

    • Get Lost Eircodes Reply

      We have no problem with a postcode. We have a problem with the poor design of Eircode which is so bad even the postal service don’t use it….think about that….take as long as you like.

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