The Great #Eircode Robbery

I met the postman on the street this morning on his round delivering the mail and I asked him a question. ‘Are there many people using Eircode?’ ‘Very few. We don’t use it unless somebody posts a letter with just the Eircode and no accurate address, then we would have to look it up on the computer’. The postman had a bunch of letters in his hand and he flicked through them and not one had an Eircode. ‘We know our route’ he said, we know every property and most of the the residents names, I can’t see us ever needing the Eircode’.

So there you have it! €38 million of our money wasted on Eircode, a white elephant that is not fit for purpose. The Labour Party’s Pat Rabbitte pushed this type of postcode because he wanted a system that would individually identify every property so that Irish Water could use it and so that he could use it to collect the TV licence. No doubt he dreamed about also tying Eircode in with the new ID card that is being rolled out by Blueshirt Minister Paschal Donohue, because the 2011 to 2016 Fine Gael/ Labour coalition was not a government but a dictatorship who trampled all over citizen’s rights.

Rabbitte jumped ship when he discovered that he was certain to lose his Dáil seat and he passed his Eircode Stasi project on to his Labour comrade Alex White who kept throwing the millions at the disaster. These two crooks should be arrested and charged with fraud. The Eircode scam is white collar crime. But Rabbitte & White need not fear. White collar crime is not a crime at all in this country. Just ask the golfer Seánie.

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