Postcode tender shenanigans…


A quick recap on the Eircode tender to date…

  • Minister Noel Dempsey declares we are getting postcodes.
  • An Post announce they neither need nor want postcodes.
  • An Post unions announce they are against postcodes too.
  • An Post and their unions are added to postcode working group / postcode working board.
  • Postcode working group / board finalise 9 requirements for a modern postcode.
  • Eamonn Ryan kicks off the tender just as he leaves office.
  • Before tender even starts DCENR staff tell Irish Times that Loc8 are free to tender but they won’t win.
  • Criteria used by DCENR to exclude existing proven postcode design (Loc8 code) was bogus & fabricated.
  • Tender is placed, ABC-123 type design with nested geographic areas is preferred
  • €40 million turnover limit is imposed on tender in order to exclude Loc8 code.
  • Capita PLC, An Post and Landmark UK are listed as preferred bidders tender.
  • Landmark mysteriously withdraw from tender without making final bid.
  • Capita PLC, a UK multinational with no history delivering postcodes win the tender.
  • Capita PLC do have a history collecting council taxes.
  • An Post, who lost the tender, get to design the postcode so it is useless to competitors…VLOOKUP
  • Design is radically changed (to be useless) and now only meets 9 of the requirements as laid down by the postcode working group / board.
  • European Commission said tender was unfair as it excluded small business.
  • DCENR staff misled Oireachtas Transport Committee European Commission investigation outcome.
  • Minister Rabbitte misleads Dáil about European Commission investigation outcome.
  • Minister Rabbitte misleads the Dáil about the €40 million turnover requirement.
  • Irish Fire and Emergency Services Association (IFESA) have said the code is dangerous and will cost lives.
  • The National Ambulance Service were described as being fully in favour of Eircode when in fact their real stance is that it is “better than nothing”.
  • SIPTU emergency services rep Mr. Bell who welcomed Eircode is a sitting Labour councillor
  • Over the life of the tender the loser of the tender An Post will make over €22.6 million from the €27 million tender, is this illegal state funding?
  • Landmark UK, who mysteriously withdrew from Postcode tender wins major contract in the UK from the winner of the postcode tender Capita PLC.
  • Former Minister Eamonn Ryan who started the tender has publicly distanced himself from the tender
  • Former Minster Eamonn Ryan asks Minister Alex White to publish the reasons he ignored the postcode working group.
  • An Post wont use Eircodes in full, they “Fully Support” Eircodes but will only uses first 3 digits for sorting.
  • The Data Protection Commission has voiced serious concerns about Eircode in it’s annual report
  • Minister White intends to bring in legislation to bypass the DPC concerns and allow your postcode and other sensitive personal information to be shared with 3rd parties… i.e. Capita PLC
  • Eircodes true reason for a crap design is to protect An Post’s monopoly while simultaneously creating a public database so they can outsource collection of property tax, water charges and TV licence to Capita PLC.

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