Capita PLC – An Apology!!!

In a previous post we rubbed our crystal ball and predicted that Capita PLC would win some Irish Water outsourcing contracts in the future.  We now wish to apologise for this prediction as it has shown to be untrue in the short term.

The Eircode consortium is made up of Capita PLC, BearingPoint, Tico and AutoAddress. What our crystal didn’t show was that the first Irish Water related contract would actually be won by a different Eircode consortium member Bearing Point. Yes folks you read correct a member of the Eircode consortium has ALREADY won an Irish Water related outsourcing contract, this is before Eircode has even been launched. I wonder where they will get the address database to successfully roll out the grant?

Once again we apologise for this minor error and can assure followers that just like AutoAddress’s APIs we have upgraded our crystal ball to version 2.0

Eircode Feedback Loop 2.0

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