Eircode is shaping up to be another massive waste of taxpayers money like eVoting & PPARS. Irish citizens, businesses, emergency services & visitors deserve better than Eircode, Ireland deserves a 21st century postcode alternative...IT IS NOT TO LATE TO CHANGE THE CODE. In 2015 Ireland is getting a new postcode system called Eircode. There has been no meaningful consultation on the format of Eircode, there has been no meaningful testing of Eircode, emergency services representatives say Eircode will cost lives, freight transport representatives say Eircode is not fit for purpose and GPS manufacturers say they are unlikely to support Eircode.

What's Wrong With Eircodes?

"Eircode will help the public, businesses and public bodies to locate every individual address (letterbox) in the State" boasts the Eircode website. So for property tax, water charges and TV licence Eircodes are ideal.

Road traffic accident, hillwalking heart attack, missing persons, report missing ringbuoy, report bad pothole, report storm damage to utility companies...FORGET ABOUT IT EIRCODES NO USE.

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What's Right with Loc8 codes?

Loc8 Codes are Ireland's first All-Ireland Location Codes; a smarter form of postcode for use with modern technology. You can easily find a Loc8 Code for ANY location on the island of Ireland north or south.

Ideal for emergency services and with extensive Sat Nav support, Loc8 codes are the low cost, low maintenance postcode alternative for the 21st century.

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Naughten uses Public Funds for Personal Political Gain!

On the 16th of June 2016 Minister Denis Naughten made a bold claim in the Dáil that Eircode was saving lives. Subsequently on the 21st of June 2016 The Journal ran a FactCheck article finding that "Denis Naughten could not provide evidence to support his claim"

On the 29th of June just 2 weeks after Minister Naughten misled the Dáil public funds are used by the same minister to try reverse his FactCheck embarrassment.

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Why does Minister Denis Naughten TD support Eircode?

Minister Denis Naughten is only in office one month & eleven days but the senior DCENR staffers appear to have convinced him that useless random Eircode is a great idea. This is despite the fact that after a spend of at least €38 million (€20 million over budget) a recent poll showed approximately 80% of people either don’t

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Why Google CANNOT legally use Eircode

Why No Google Support for Eircode? It is almost 17 months since those behind Eircode claimed impending Google Maps support for the postcode in an Oireachtas hearing. Former Minister Alex White again claimed Google support “within weeks” in January 2016 but it has never happened. Why have Google & SatNav manufacturers not supported Eircode? Aside

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Will DOB’s Lucy Gaffney get to head RTE thanks to Eircode?

Folks we couldn’t figure out why Independent Newspapers, Newstalk & Today FM were giving Minister Alex White TD such an easy ride on the Eircode fiasco. We thought that perhaps it was just too technical for their journalists & presenters to understand. Then we found out that word had come from on high to hacks in the Indo that they

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Voters of Dublin Rathdown please give this Donkey a black eye on Friday…

Voters of #DublinRathdown please give this DONKEY a black eye on Friday the 26th #Eircode @AlexWhiteTD @labour #GE16

Sean O’Rourke doesn’t know what a Tracker Mortgage is…

RTE’s Sean O’Rourke showed this morning that while he may have a political questioning edge he definitely doesn’t have an edge when it comes to probing anything remotely technical.  Minister Alex White TD knows this and was allowed waffle his usual red herring of “we can’t have a sequenced post code”. In fairness he got

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What did Labour deliver with Eircode ?

What we have got is an very conspicuous Labour Party collaboration, apparently aimed at denying Ireland and its people access to a useful postcode in order to ensure the competitive benefit of An Post and the employment benefits of the CWU and its members. Minister Pat Rabbitte agreed a major departure from the terms of

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Eircode – Cheerleader’s favours are repaid!!!

Almost 3 months after launch and Eircode is not being used by An Post, not being used by Google, not being used by satnavs, not being used by the general public and not even being used by cheerleaders such as Nightline couriers. We always found it unusual that a successful entrepreneur would support a Labour minister but

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Why Eircode is NOT a postcode!

WHY EIRCODE IS NOT A POSTCODE:- 1. It does not conform with the definition of a postcode as defined by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) 2. It does not conform with the definition of an Irish National Postcode as defined in the 2011/15 Postal Act 3. It cannot be used by An Post as it

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The lie that An Post are fully committed to Eircode is slowly being unraveled…

Please see a letter below from to the Irish Times. Letter corresepondent wrote 8 letters to himself. 4 with right address but wrong Eircode and all got delivered the next day. 4 with no address or name just The Occupier & Eircode and one took 12 days to be delivered and the other 3 are

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Now that Eircode is a flop, Ireland needs to consider the proven alternative Loc8code

One week on from the debacle of the Eircode launch and the continuing negative reaction on twitter proves that Eircode is not a code for the people. Eircode exists as a property registration number to bill, fine or tax the people so it is not a code that people will get to know & use in their day to day life.

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