Eircode is shaping up to be another massive waste of taxpayers money like eVoting & PPARS. Irish citizens, businesses, emergency services & visitors deserve better than Eircode, Ireland deserves a 21st century postcode alternative...IT IS NOT TO LATE TO CHANGE THE CODE. In 2015 Ireland is getting a new postcode system called Eircode. There has been no meaningful consultation on the format of Eircode, there has been no meaningful testing of Eircode, emergency services representatives say Eircode will cost lives, freight transport representatives say Eircode is not fit for purpose and GPS manufacturers say they are unlikely to support Eircode.

What's Wrong With Eircodes?

"Eircode will help the public, businesses and public bodies to locate every individual address (letterbox) in the State" boasts the Eircode website. So for property tax, water charges and TV licence Eircodes are ideal.

Road traffic accident, hillwalking heart attack, missing persons, report missing ringbuoy, report bad pothole, report storm damage to utility companies...FORGET ABOUT IT EIRCODES NO USE.

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What's Right with Loc8 codes?

Loc8 Codes are Ireland's first All-Ireland Location Codes; a smarter form of postcode for use with modern technology. You can easily find a Loc8 Code for ANY location on the island of Ireland north or south.

Ideal for emergency services and with extensive Sat Nav support, Loc8 codes are the low cost, low maintenance postcode alternative for the 21st century.

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Naughten uses Public Funds for Personal Political Gain!

On the 16th of June 2016 Minister Denis Naughten made a bold claim in the Dáil that Eircode was saving lives. Subsequently on the 21st of June 2016 The Journal ran a FactCheck article finding that "Denis Naughten could not provide evidence to support his claim"

On the 29th of June just 2 weeks after Minister Naughten misled the Dáil public funds are used by the same minister to try reverse his FactCheck embarrassment.

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A strange anonymous email was sent to all Senators today in advance of the postal services bill debate…The Eircode Pimpernel Strikes!!!

The Eircode Pimpernel Strikes!!! The below email was sent today to all members of the senate. We believe this email came the self proclaimed leader of the Eircode tender. Yes you read that correctly, someone involved with the delivery of the state-backed Eircode postcode has anonymously (based on legal advice), jumped ship and is urging senators

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Watch Minister Alex White T.D. bullshit the Dail and feign concern for our emergency services use of Eircode. He couldn’t give a shit, Eircode is a billing database for Irish water.

Watch Minister White give a speech to the Dail where he pretends to give a shit about our emergency services and their integration with Eircode. The Postcode Working Group which reported in 2005 actually recommended a good postcode design but every useful feature has been stripped out of it and Eircode now exists only as

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Ireland and a National Postcode – The Modern Navigation Requirement

Firstly, the modern requirement for a National postcode has changed. The postal market in Europe is liberalised so delivering mail and, in particular, parcels (which are the only real valuable element of the “mail” market left), is no longer the preserve of a single incumbent. For that reason, it is no longer justifiable for a

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Capita PLC – An Apology!!!

In a previous post we rubbed our crystal ball and predicted that Capita PLC would win some Irish Water outsourcing contracts in the future.  We now wish to apologise for this prediction as it has shown to be untrue in the short term. The Eircode consortium is made up of Capita PLC, BearingPoint, Tico and

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Why the proposed new National postcode will make Ireland’s property addressing system worse rather than better! (Gary E. Delaney MSc NT, FRIN, FIS, Lt NS Ret’d) Originally posted 27th July 2014 After more than a decade of promises and missed deadlines, we are told now that we will have a new National postcode sometime during

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Eircode Feedback Loop

Need to know who the winners and the winners are of the latest civil service scandal? Well look no further than this post. We show who won the tender, who lost (won) the tender and who mysteriously withdrew from the tender only to win a major contract from the tender winners.  We show why unions

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Postcode tender shenanigans…

A quick recap on the Eircode tender to date… Minister Noel Dempsey declares we are getting postcodes. An Post announce they neither need nor want postcodes. An Post unions announce they are against postcodes too. An Post and their unions are added to postcode working group / postcode working board. Postcode working group / board finalise 9

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